Advance Care Plan

This is a voluntary on-going process of discussion and review to help an individual who has capacity to anticipate how their condition may affect them in the future.

This is something which takes place between a patient and their care provider, and may or may not also include family or friends. If they wish, it allows for them to set on record decisions, choices or preferences about their care and treatment so that these can then be referred to by those responsible for their care or treatment (whether professional staff or family carers) in the event that they lose capacity to decide once their illness progresses. Advance Care Planning, or ACP, will usually take place in the context of an anticipated deterioration in the individual’s condition in the future and allows patients and those close to them to express wishes as to:

  • What care they would like to have
  • Any aspects of care they wish not to have
  • Where they would prefer to have their care; ie hospital, community or home
  • Wishes about care in the last months to weeks of life  
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